Thursday, August 30, 2012


hi, i'm lincoln.
i'm a happy baby.

it's nice to meet you.

since we're friends now, i'm going to tell you a secret.

i've got bad skin problems.

if you could see it where it is bad, it would hurt your heart.
mommy has to put these socks on my hands to keep me from scratching.

hard to believe because i'm always so cheerful, right?

well, let me show you why i'm so happy.

this is joshy.

he is so silly

and so loving

and he loves to spend time with me.

this is my daddy.

he makes me feel safe.

and people say i look like him. bonus!

he is the best daddy ever.

this is bennett.

he's lots of fun

even if he is a little... crazy.

ahhh! i didn't mean it!

see what i mean?

and this is my mommy.

she loves me so much.

she thinks i am the sweetest, most wonderful baby in the whole world.

it breaks her heart to see that i'm in pain
and it humbles her to see how happy and patient i can still be.

with a family that loves me this much

no wonder i'm so happy!

i love you too, guys.

thiiiiiis much.

and i went to a special skin doctor today.
things will be better soon-- i can feel it!


Jennifer Ricks said...

You have such a beautiful family!!

Hannah Beth said...

oh my goodness, Lincoln is SO adorable! So chubby and with those big eyes and huge smile =)

Lori said...

I loved this post in epic proportion. I'm so sorry about his skin though. But yikes, that is one CUTE baby. And this post was just full of squishy, real love.

Camilla said...

What a sweet kid. And I think he's got some Blackham in him, though I think both your kids and our kids look like Bryce from time to time.


Camilla said...

Awwww. What a sweet, happy little boy. He is lucky to have such a great family and you are all so lucky to have him. Luckiness all around! I would really like to snuggle him, he just looks so snuggly.

So glad you saw the doc and got some answers!

-Camz (sheesh Ry, use your own login please:)

Dahlia said...

It's Okay Lincoln. I have skin problems too. I know how you feel. I hope you can find some relief very soon though. Thank goodness for wonderful family members and love!

Linda said...

So sweet! I am happy too. That's because I got to see EVERYONE in your family in this post! It is SO lovely to read and see.