Monday, August 27, 2012


Imagine coming home every day to this:

What do you mean, "Yeah, and...?"
Go ahead, look at it again.

Yep, that's right. Those two table legs are unscrewed from each other.

Mmm hmm, yep, that chair is broken.

Sure, you can take a closer look. Totally fine.

What's that?

Oh, yes, one of the chairs is a foldup because another one of the chairs broke.
Yes, so glad you asked, that glass is totally moveable and slips back and forth if you so much as breathe on it.
No, those two booster seats don't match each other and and one of them is always falling off while the other one is so stained and caked with grime in every little crack that it makes you nauseous if you get too close.
And of course our two little boys love to push the entire table back and forth at each other either while laughing maniacally or while screaming with the full capacity of their lungs.

Thanks for asking.

Nope, not even an artsy angle is going to help here.
It was a nice thought, though.

Here, take just one more look:

Now imagine coming home to this:

Yes, I think you know exactly what I mean.
And sometimes you appreciate things so much more when you wait for them.

Oh, and thank you for pointing out that it would take 3.4 seconds for the boys to carve this little table up like a turkey. Don't worry, we've got it covered.

just look at that mischievous smile...


Curtiss & Ginger said...

wooo hoooo!! That look awesome!! SO exiting!! :) Makes me excited for things that we are "waiting for" right now too. :)

Linda said...

Yaaaaaayy!! That's a beautiful table!

Dahlia said...

Honestly, the only thing I noticed was how stinkin clean your kitchen was! Geese, I'd love to come home to that!! LOL Nice table though.

K.E.N said...


Mandie Flood said...

Whats with the spotless floor??!!!
I could read your blogs all day...But i wont cuz that would be weird right. Seriously never stop blogging.
Oh yeah, great table. Isn't waiting educationally the end *ahem* yeeeah well, peace.