Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catwoman, A.K.A. lettuce for lunch


That's right, Catwoman is a big plateful of lettuce.

Have you ever had a salad for lunch every day? Every day? And as you were sprinkling craisins and crackers over the top of it in an unsuccessful attempt to liven things up a bit, did you ever glance longingly at the chicken bacon ranch pizza leftovers that your kids were having for lunch? Or daydream about soft garlicky buttery breadsticks?

Sometimes you have to replace what would tingle your tastebuds and satisfy your stomach with something that is going to help you lose that baby weight. It's a sacrifice, and it's worth it. Sometimes. If you don't think about it too hard.

I was having a great day yesterday until I realized who would have been the perfect Catwoman.

Emily Blunt.

Yes, I know. The role was made for her. She is as rascally and mischievous as she is elegant and classy. Which is exactly what Catwoman calls for. In fact, she played a very similar role in another movie (although we stopped watching it halfway through because it was dirty) and did a superb job at it.

I told myself I was just fine with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman because I had consigned myself to her playing the role and prepared myself for it in advance. But really, I lied to myself. Watching her in that role was just like watching Robert P. as Greek god Edward or Woody Harrelson as the burly Haymitch. Almost bearable, as long as you don't think too hard about it or realize who the perfect actor actually would have been. Not that the aforementioned actors don't do their very best with what they've got, but you know, when you got it, you got it. No offense.

The key difference between Catwoman and a green salad, drenched with lite raspberry vinaigrette and soggy crackers, is that you can choke down the salad because you realize that you really have lost 5 pounds in one month, but can you really ignore how much more satisfying that last Batman movie could have been, with just a slight change in the cast?


Camilla said...

Poor A.H. (I am finding her name as hard to type out these days as the cock@#$ch word). I think we two must really be her least fav fans of all time. Even now, when The Dark Knight Rises has been out for a while and I've thoroughly resigned myself to the fact that I was totally underwhelemed by it for many reasons, just the thought of A.H. still makes my stomach boil. I think it's because I'm so offended that Hollywood keeps trying to convince me that she's a good actress- one of the best they've got! Like they're trying to brainwash me. It won't work, Hollywood, no matter what role you give her! I won't be taken in!

Sigh. I too think Emily Blunt would have rocked as Catwoman. Truly. She even looks like a cat already! Sheesh. And she's got some great acting chops. Come on! Buuuuuut, I'm going to have to politely disagree with you about Woody Harrelson. I was thrilled when I heard he was cast because I really like him. And I was still happy after I saw him in the role. So I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree there :)

Congrats on losing 5 pounds in one month, btw! Wow! Maybe I'll have to try this salad thing you're doing? But not if it means I have to watch A.H. movies while I eat it. I wouldn't be able to swallow a bite. Hey! Great diet idea! Just watch A.H. movies every day at lunchtime and lose five pounds a day! Hooray!

merrilykaroly said...

Camilla, I am totally fine with your polite disagreement about Woody Harrelson. Josh feels the same way, I think. Someone just mentioned Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a possibility for Haymitch, and ever since then, I couldn't go back. (Hoffman does have a part in the second movie, so maybe he will be even better in that role than he would have been as Haymitch). As for Edward, any good-looking guy with even mediocre acting abilities would have suited me just fine. It's all about the looks on that one, in my humble opinion.

Thanks on the weight loss... it has to be sustainable or at least endurable though so I'm afraid your A.H. idea will never work. I've been having a Greek yogurt for breakfast and a salad for lunch every day and eating whatever the heck else I want for snacks and dinner and it has been working for me. I've had to be creative since I still can't exercise. We'll see if I can lose that last 8-10 pounds...

merrilykaroly said...

Oh and yes, I was underwhelmed by Batman too for other reasons.

Linda said...

The idea that bothers me is Anne Hathaway (I can write it) in Les Miserables. I saw the preview and the singing by her was just miserable! (get it?) Maybe seeing the other actors (Hugh Jackman for one)will make it worth watching.

I also enjoy watching Emily Blunt in various roles, especially the one where she played the queen. Oh what might have been... When I saw Hunger Games I got dizzy and a little sick because of the camera style, so I couldn't hardly concentrate on the actors or the story.

Congrats on the weight loss. Now just maintain it and don't worry about losing more. Hope you can exercise soon. That's a bummer when you can't be as active as you want to be.

Ryan said...

Congrats on meeting some weight loss goals. We're trying to eat healthy the next two months so we don't feel guilty about gorging during November and December. You're my hero.

I second what mother and Cam said. And you're right, EB would've been better. Yeah, that film was just blah. I think I'm done with supe hero movies. They are all very much the same. I'm tired of the formula and the schtick and the dialogue (the dialogue was the worst part about TDKR in my opinion).

Also, pres Obama said Ah was his fav part of the movie, so you know, just another reason he's not of right mind to lead the country.

Steph said...

HAHA I love this! And you're SO right. As soon as you said Emily Blunt, I thought YES!! She is fantastic. Bummer... Keep it up with the salads, though! I'm proud of you :)