Thursday, September 13, 2012


This little guy started "real" preschool this week. When I went to pick him up his first day, the teacher said he had been "good, but" and then she did that little thing with her hand that people do that means someone talks a lot. She said he had told her what he was going to be for Halloween, that his mom likes peacocks, that he had only been to preschool at people's houses... yeah, he had already interrupted her twice before I had even left the classroom that morning. But hey, I'll take "chatterbox" any day over "he is spitting on all the other kids." Right? Am I right? Also, when he wrote his name in all caps on his papers, she told him that he needs to use lower case letters. Since he can already read and write pretty well for his age, I was afraid he wouldn't get much academically out of preschool, so I'm excited that she's already pushing him to be his best.

This little guy started "home" preschool this week. After drawing the letter C in his new preschool Lightning McQueen notebook and reading a book about colors, we painted popcorn with colored sweetened condensed milk. We might or might not have eaten it all. I'm so excited to spend some one-on-one time with him while his brother is at preschool. Being the middle child has been pretty rough on poor lil benny! And I'm thinking that since it'll only be twice a week, it'll be a lot more doable for me; with joshy I got kinda burned out doing it every day.

This little guy's skin is now practically perfect. There's still peeling on his hands and toes but besides that, he's looking really good! He only needed powder, creams, lotions, gels, ointments, antifungals, antibiotics, steroids, lots of doctor visits, a couple of months, and a priesthood blessing. The dermatologist said he might have been allergic to an ointment, then he got a bacterial infection, and then his whole body kinda freaked out and broke into a bunch of different rashes. It doesn't help that he's so chubby that it's hard to keep his skin dry. Poor kid with sensitive skin. (I'm seeing some serious dermatology bills in his teenage years. And sunburns.) Luckily he's an optimist and doesn't seem to mind!


Mandie Flood said...

You have such a wonderful Personality. What a great mom you are. Can I be like you when I grow uP?
Great PoPcorn idea by the way. Tasty!

Linda said...

Pretty ImPressive! Now I expect you to write a blog each day for 25 days and use all the letters of the alphabet to give us great knowledge of life with your boys.

Adele's Boys Can Do Everything Fine, Go Have Impressive Journeys Knowing Lots, Missing No Opportunities Present, Quickly Remembering Scientific Teachings, Unleashing Very Worthwhile Xciting Zeal.

Dahlia said...

Perhaps your Preparation and Perpetual excellence is Precisely what Propels his Positive Potential. Pretty cool. Push onward and uPward Parental unit!

Camilla said...

Holy Capoly, these kids are on the move (please look for "Peepsqueak" at your library sometime. The phrase "on the move," will never be the same- it will be better!- for your family again.)!

That Josh is getting so big. I would really love to just sit down and have a chat with him and find out all the things he knows. I bet he could teach me thing or two about lots of stuff.

Bennett! Hooray for one on one mommy time! You seriously are a really good mom- that preschool activity looked faaancy. And Bennet looks so cute and happy, so it must have been just as fancy as it looked!

Oh Links. Oh Linky Links Linkserboyd. Oh how happy I am to hear that your skin is getting better. Of course, Links is such a good looking baby boy, a skin condition that would have looked bad on another kid probably only looked tough and adorable (can those two adjectives coexist? I think so, if Links is involved). I'm sure you're so relieved that he's getting over it though, no matter how cute he is even in the tough times. Love that baby face! It is just calling for me to kiss it.

Like I said in the beginning, these boys are Oooon the move! (No but really, please read that book so you know why I keep using that phrase. Thanks.)

Camilla said...

MOM! Just read your comment. Talk about fancy! Mom "Fancypants" Blackham, that's what we should call you! Nice.

merrilykaroly said...

I know, right Camilla? Fan-cy. There's a few fancy comments here, actually. And yes, Lincoln looked tough-- a little too tough, I'm afraid. When a biker gang stopped by, I knew it was time to nip this thing in the bud, know what I mean?