Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 months, 10 pounds

I guess I don't do well with other people telling me what to eat, so I make up my own diets. Out of all the silly ones I've done, this one might be working the best.


Breakfast: A FAGE Greek yogurt.

Snack(s): Whatevs I want whenevs I want it. It's a free country.

Lunch: A big salad.

Snack(s): Something tasty.

Dinner: Whatever everyone else is having.

Dessert: Yes! How is life worth living without dessert?


FAQ's which no one has frequently asked me:

Q. Is Greek yogurt really that great? I thought only girls like Tamn ate that stuff.
A. Well, you can decide for yourself. But the FAGEs I get at Costco only have 120 calories, no fat, and 13 grams of protein! I only eat about half of the mix-in fruit stuff because it's plenty sweet. And the texture of the yogurt is almost like cheesecake. Tasty.

Q. Do you put anything on your salad to sweeten the deal or are you just eating a giant plateful of leaves? 
A. I usually add some combination of cheese, craisins, crackers, or even chow mein noodles and some dressing to my Romaine. Every once in a while I'll do chicken or egg on top. I don't want to waste too many calories on something like salad, but I'm not Superwoman. I've got to get it down somehow.

Q. What do you drink with your meals?
A. I try to drink water so I can save my calories for more fun things. I do like Odwalla because they are 100% juice, so sometimes I drink them with breakfast or have them in between meals to keep me going.

Q. Do you eat as much as you want?
A. Naw, even though I don't actually count calories, I do try to limit my portion size for meals and snacks. I don't, however, skimp on my dessert. Ahem.

Q. Is this like that Twinkie diet where that guy only ate Twinkies and lost a buncha weight because it's all about the number of calories and not the type of calories?
A. Come on, I'm doing my best to be healthy... I just really like dessert more than anything else.

Q. You've secretly been exercising, right?
A. Nope. Unless you count running around after the craziest little squirrels ever and constantly cleaning up all their poop and messes while they get into everything and never listen to a word I say being a mom.

Q. You're just losing weight because "it effortlessly melts off after you have a baby if you are nursing," right? Come on, I'm sure it's like a piece of cake for you.
A. Lincoln was born in March and from April through July-- four months-- I didn't lose one pound. Not a one. I started this silly little homemade diet on August 1st and have lost about 10 pounds since then.

Q. Are you tooting your own horn because you're looking so good?
A. I was hoping this could help someone else. Not this specific diet, necessarily, but the mathematical concept that if you eat less calories, you will lose weight, no matter what kind of food the calories are coming from. I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes it's hard to execute. I eliminate a lot of variables-- and temptations-- by having the same two low-calorie meals every day, while saving the bulk of my calories for the things I enjoy most. This routine turns many of my day-to-day food choices into no-brainers and is easy to sustain. And about looking good... well, that little baby belly just doesn't want to go away. That's where exercise has to come in, I guess.

Q. Is your baby wasting away to nothing because you're not supposed to diet while you're nursing? 


Lori said...

10 pounds is awesome! I'm glad you've found your groove and I hope it keeps up for you!

Linda said...

Hey, whatever works! Go for it. However, I think you ALWAYS look GREAT! (Sorry, I just had to say it. Truth is truth)

Lincoln is looking "fat 'n' sassy". So sweet!

The Gilberts said...

This is definitely a god idea. I am at a plateau right now and I think I may be heading to Costco for those Fargs! I tried the sample one time and was surprised how delish they were!

2DollarBill said...

You know, similar to this my Dr suggested simply counting how many carbs I'm eating. It hasn't really been much of a diet change, but it has made me more aware. And I've lost 11 lbs in 2 months. The thing to remember is though, that everyones bodies are different. Paying attention to calories didn't work for me, because my body was store piling the carbs, paying attention to carbs is working nicely. Just a suggestion.

And thats awesome Adele! I'm very impressed you could come up with a way to satisfy yourself & loose weight on your own. :D yay!

Natalie Blackham said...

I agree that making your own diet is best. Good job on 10 lbs- that's really hard to do for me, and I don't even have any kids!

merrilykaroly said...

Mary, congrats on your weight loss too! Awesome.

I don't count calories either because that drives me bonkers. I just try to have a small amount of things instead of a larger amount. If I screw up, I do better the next time. Also, I've cut out most of my carbs without having to think too hard about it by replacing cereal and bread with yogurt and salad. I do try to have a few carbs though, as whole grains are still good for the body :)

Camilla said...

That's it, I'm gonna have to try something like this. I've got these last few pounds that just won't budge (perhaps it's something to do with eating goodies all the time and never exercising?). Way to go Emily! Seriously, I'm impressed by your motivation and creativity. I'm also very impressed by THE CUTEST, CHUBBIEST LITTLE BABY BOY EVER!!! What a sweetie pie. Love it.

merrilykaroly said...

Camilla, I eat goodies all the time and haven't been exercising either. That's my point :)

Allison said...

Good Work Adele! I am very impressed because we can all relate to how hard it is! I lost all my weight really quickly and got back to my pre pregnancy weight (which is still ridiculously high and unhealthy!) and now I am trying to do the same thing... eat less, move more. I have got to work hard to get all the stress weight I gained before I even got pregnant! Keep up the good work!

Marcie, Nate, Natalie, Lucas and Elijah said...

I like it!! The FAQ's rock. Would you recommend any 'adaptations' for pregnancy cravings? I think there's a lot of wisdom in just watching portion sizes - not just in what we eat but other activities too! (I tend to go a little overboard in a lot of things...)Moderation...a good principle to live by.

michele said...

That last Q & A is hilarious.

I think that losing weight from breastfeeding thing is a myth. Does that work for anyone?

You are an inspiration, Adele!