Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working the System

 look-ee look-ee.

 that's right . . .

i'm wearing undies for the first time!

and yes, I did #2 in the toilet five separate times during "Quiet Time" 
and got marshmallows every single time!

i know how to work the system.

 haha, that's funny. 
no, of course Mommy doesn't get a marshmallow every time I do.

 wait . . .


Jennifer Ricks said...

That's what we've been doing lately too!! I was figuring we would coincide (considering that their birthdays are so close). The first two and a half days were the biggest nightmare of my life, but now things are great (and his sticker chart is full!). Hope everything goes smoothly!!

Lori said...

Nice! He's rockin' those. Not to mention that short haircut!

Linda said...

I think mommies should get 2 marshmallows every time. They work just as hard (sometimes harder) than their kid.

And. Way to go Bennett. Such a big boy!

Dahlia said...

Nice! The marshmallow trick. I used the chocolate chip trick. I always had to give him 3 for it to be a valid treat though.

Camilla said...

His hair. HIS HAIR!!!! When did this happen???? He looks so old. And exactly like you (the boy version, of course).

Big boy. Hooray (or not so much) for potty training!