Monday, November 19, 2012

game day II

gotta stretch...

get my game face on...



 what, you're not rooting for the cougs?

that's really sad because...

they're number--

 do you mind, bennett? i'm in the middle of a flashback.


 ok, ok. i get it.
 you've got cool flashbacks, too.

 now do you mind letting me finish?


          (just like my dad's movember mustache.)

Provo 2009                                                                                                           San Jose 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Stayin' Puft

 If there's somethin' strange

In your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?


 give us a call!
you won't regret it!

 although we've never actually... busted a ghost.

 do you always have to bring that up, bennett?

i've never even pointed this thing at anyone but my brother.
you're killin' me here, bennett!
all i ever wanted was to be a good ghostbuster.

if i could just find a ghost...

um, don't look now, joshy,
but I think there's a ghost right behind you.
 what? really?

i ain't afraid of no ghost.

 ready... aim...
toast 'em!

eat that ghost for breakfast!

let's make some s'mores!

you're not gonna to do it, are you.

admit it, josh.
you just can't bust that ghost. 

and here i thought you were a ghostbuster, through and through.

i am, i am!
it's just that... i wanna eat him all up.

he does look pretty tasty.
look, i have an idea.

a friend of ours who knows a lot about ghosts
told me you can just talk to them.

and even if they do tend to moan a bit,
sometimes they can be pretty reasonable.

hey, little ghostie. i'm bennett.
oh, and my brother over there wants to eat you.

 awww don't cry!
it's all right!

i won't let him eat you.
fist bump.

but we're gonna have to think of an alternative.
my brother gets grouchy when he's hungry.

oh, you do have a little something?

see, josh? 
i told you he would hook us up.
nommmm fmfmfm grmmf.

aw, no prob, pufty.
of course we talked to you instead of just zapping you with our proton packs!
any self-respecting ghostbuster would have done the same.
what he said.

what's that?
do we need another team member?

what do you think, josh? 
hmm, a ghost hangin' out with the busters?
doesn't make much sense, does it?

but we would have an endless supply of marshmallows...

i say he's in.

welcome to the team, ghostie!

and the Ghostbusters + Stay Puft 
stayed stuft
forever after.