Friday, November 2, 2012

Stayin' Puft

 If there's somethin' strange

In your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?


 give us a call!
you won't regret it!

 although we've never actually... busted a ghost.

 do you always have to bring that up, bennett?

i've never even pointed this thing at anyone but my brother.
you're killin' me here, bennett!
all i ever wanted was to be a good ghostbuster.

if i could just find a ghost...

um, don't look now, joshy,
but I think there's a ghost right behind you.
 what? really?

i ain't afraid of no ghost.

 ready... aim...
toast 'em!

eat that ghost for breakfast!

let's make some s'mores!

you're not gonna to do it, are you.

admit it, josh.
you just can't bust that ghost. 

and here i thought you were a ghostbuster, through and through.

i am, i am!
it's just that... i wanna eat him all up.

he does look pretty tasty.
look, i have an idea.

a friend of ours who knows a lot about ghosts
told me you can just talk to them.

and even if they do tend to moan a bit,
sometimes they can be pretty reasonable.

hey, little ghostie. i'm bennett.
oh, and my brother over there wants to eat you.

 awww don't cry!
it's all right!

i won't let him eat you.
fist bump.

but we're gonna have to think of an alternative.
my brother gets grouchy when he's hungry.

oh, you do have a little something?

see, josh? 
i told you he would hook us up.
nommmm fmfmfm grmmf.

aw, no prob, pufty.
of course we talked to you instead of just zapping you with our proton packs!
any self-respecting ghostbuster would have done the same.
what he said.

what's that?
do we need another team member?

what do you think, josh? 
hmm, a ghost hangin' out with the busters?
doesn't make much sense, does it?

but we would have an endless supply of marshmallows...

i say he's in.

welcome to the team, ghostie!

and the Ghostbusters + Stay Puft 
stayed stuft
forever after.


Heather Ann said...

Well worth the wait. I always love reading these. Your are briliant Adele! I can't wait to see you guys next month!!

Lori said...

The outfits turned out great! Loved it on all accounts :)

Jen said...

The Awesomeness continues...Beautiful!

Klaudia said...

You are amazing. I love all your stories. You little Ghost Busters and Stay puff are so cute.

GerunKnarlson said...

Can I just say that I am very proud to be related to you right now?

Martha Tanner said...

Love IT!

The Gilberts said...

Oh my heck that is the cutest thing ever!!! And I love the baby puft man!!!! HOLY cuteness and so original!

Ben and Summer said...

HA HA HA HA HA! So creative and adorable! I love those cute boys and their awesome costumes and I love the storytelling:)

Linda said...

That is just amazing how Joshy and Bennett turned brown paper into smashingly great ghostbuster costumes! And Lincoln was already a marshmallow so it must have been fairly easy to make his costume. jk

It looks like someone worked extremely hard on those outfits. Wow! I'm very impressed.

By the way, I've been hearing strange sounds (NOT rattlesnakes)around here lately. I may need to call those ghostbusters soon. Actually, I think I'll go visit their office in San Jose in 18 days. I hope I don't get slimed before then.

Linda said...

And I LOVE how you manage to fit Addie in EVERY time! Perfection.

Ryan said...

Those costumes are brilliant. Well done.

Dahlia said...

I don't know how you do it. We were running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to find Claytin's costume this year, yet you have 3 kids with homemade costumes and with an Awesome theme! Then you take lots of pics to document and blog the cleverest and cutest stuff ever! (grovel grovel)

Camilla said...

Question: Have these boys actually seen Ghostbusters? Just wondering...

Um, Lincoln is THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE SQUISHY THING I'VE EVER SEEN. Seriously. Please please please can we come visit so I can watch Evie grab and squeeze him. She would think he was the best thing since, well, since marshmallows. So cute he's killing me. The G-busters are so cute too.

Once again, D-elbs, you have outdone yourself. Those costumes truly rock!

Camilla said...

Okay, I couldn't help it, I looked at this post AGAIN and tried to figure out why my heart keeps melting every time I look at little Lincoln in this little costume and I have it! It's because he looks like a little sailor about to ship out to war and I keep thinking "don't do it Lincs, please don't leave!"


merrilykaroly said...

Thanks everyone! And Camilla, no, the boys haven't watched the Ghostbusters movie (except for one tiny little clip with the Stay Puft in it) but they have seen the cartoon and they have been dancing to the theme song for two years now.

merrilykaroly said...

Oh, and the jumpsuits were made by Josh's mom, the proton packs were made by Josh, and the stay puft costume was made by me :)

Stephen-Karen Bowler said...

This is just the CUTEST story!! Have you made a book of all your little blog storied, if not it really needs to be done, even if they are just printed out and stuck in a binder.. they are just the greatest!