Saturday, December 15, 2012

hi dad

Joshy loves to g-chat with any relatives he recognizes through my gmail account. I especially love his conversations with his dad during the work day. Here are some of my favorites from the past few months.

josh: dad
         dad it s. me josh
Dad: hi josh
         i love you
josh: i love you too
Dad: :)
josh: ?
Dad: yes jsoh
josh: hi
         we off
Dad: see ya

josh: hi dad
Dad: hi son
josh: josh
Dad: yes josh?
josh: me
Dad: How are you doing Josh?
josh: dad
Dad: Yes Josh?
josh: love you
Dad: I love you too!
         So much!
         I love all my sons with all my heart.
josh: we love you dad :)

josh: hi i.m josh
         dad? dad!
         dad, dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
         dad you love too play?
Dad: i love to play with my boys
         with you bennett and lincoln
josh: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         you do
Dad: :)
         i do
josh: :)
Dad: love you too

josh: too you
Dad: to me?
josh: no
Dad: ah man
josh: :D

 Dad: how was preschool
josh: good

josh: Hi
Dad: hi
josh: M.i. Josh
Dad: hi josh
         i'm dad
josh: i. No
Dad: :)
josh: Dad
Dad: Yeah Josh?
josh: i. Love. You
Dad: I love you too Josh

 [I'm hysterically crying after seeing a bunch of cockroaches scatter in the garage]
josh: mom is sad :'(
Dad: i know
         josh can you make her happy

I also recently found these emails from joshy to an email address I hardly ever check:

subject: Love you mom Love josh
 mommmy     Love    you         do    you?     Love       me

subject: Love you
Love     you       Love      josh

subject: love

lve   josh 
                                                               GO      NO!      I     LOVE      YOU      G          GNO   
bennett         love     you        too


(no subject)

So, sorry if you get a random email or chat from me that isn't really from me. But if it says "I love you," that part is true, so there.

(These are Christmas ornaments, if you couldn't tell. Merry Christmas!)


Ryan said...

I have really enjoyed getting emails from Joshy the past two days. What a sweet kid.

Dangit - I'm wishing you guys were coming for Christmas. Dangit (don't show Joshy this; I don't want him to see the colorful language I sometimes use).

Ryan said...

And are you due for a header update, or?....

Linda said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camilla said...

This is really really cute. I love that Josh and his dad have this entire relationship entirely separate from you. (Does that sound strange? I guess I just feel like I'm around a lot of the time when Ryan is interacting with the girls but I interact with them alone almost non-stop. So it's cool that that is completely THEIR time together.) Such a sweet boy.

Lori said...

I missed this back when you posted it. This is epically cute! Seriously, lovey love it!