Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Easy Edible ABC's


drawing with frozen blueberries

delicious dirt...

mmmm hot fudge

sugar peas from our garden!

homemade ice cream

six different kinds of juice

                                leaves are edible, right?                                            if you're not buying it, here's an L made of wafers.

marshmallow men

we made a pie for a friend's birthday and this tasty number with the extras

quick... quaker...



ugly bugs

homemade oatmeal playdough volcano. 
don't ask for the recipe because it was gross!

witch sticks


I did "preschool" with Bennett every time we dropped Joshy off for his preschool. Super simple and short, without advanced planning, with whatever we had in the house. Sometimes the pickins were slim, but Bennett never seemed to mind.

-Benny picked a letter
-we practiced writing the letter in his notebook
-we drew pictures of things that started with that letter
-we read a book that featured the letter, and he had to pick out and point to the letter in the book
-we did an easy project, preferably something Bennett could eat


Lori said...

Fun and tasty times indeed!

Camilla Cole said...

Wowzeroni, that is AWESOME! I'm so impressed by the things you guys thought of- you say you had all of those things in your house already?! Wow wow wow.

I'm also impressed my how cute Bennett is. He's so good at smiling for the camera- you lucky duck! I asked Dinah who was the cute kid in all the pics and she with out hesitation said "Bennett." She knows her cousin, that's for sure. Cute boy.

Josh said...

Yeah, wiping that bum after he ate all that dirt, no fun. ;)

Love the Bennett boy and love that he is learning so well. And love the momma that is such a great teacher.

Alicia Karoly said...

I gotta remember this fun idea! That's awesome Adele! Fabulous idea! :)

Dahlia said...

So fun! Thanks for the list of things you do at the end, that really helps me understand what I can do with Clay now without going out and buying a bunch of stuff for it!

Linda said...

Bennett is going to be a super well educated young man. He'll be reading way before he starts kindergarten. What an excellent way to teach and what a smart, handsome pupil.

Natalie Blackham said...

It's all making me hungry... Hey and Bennett looks so old! :( he's growing very fast.

Linda said...

And G - L - B Grandma Loves Bennett.

Linda said...

And G - L - B Grandma Loves Bennett.

2DollarBill said...

These are awesome! You are one creative Mama..... But I didn't see your N......

merrilykaroly said...

Mary, N was the necklace :)