Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm Pooped.

Mommy gave me tonsa dried mangoes today.
you know, the tasty Costco kind.

I also got two cereals in my bowl for breakfast.

one of them was my fave, Oatmeal Squares, but

I'm not sure what the other one was.

all I had to do to get all these special treats was

swallow a LEGO.

totally worth it.

what do you mean,                                                       
"No, it sure as heck wasn't worth it and 
            it was the grossest experience ever and
                          you are lucky I love you that much and
                                   sometimes being a mommy to three crazy little boys 
makes me wonder if I'll live to see 31,"      

we got the LEGO back in the end, didn't we?

nom nom nom nom


ep said...

Hahahahahaha...but still totally disgusting.

Sarah Dunster said...


K.E.N said...

Whoa...I think I was the person who posted that a hundred times...sorry.

Chloe and Tyler said...

Oh, I can relate to you so much! Haha...little boys are a real treat:)

Camilla Cole said...

Oh dearie me. Something about second kids, I think. Shelley's second little boy is always doing stuff like this too. The other day he stuck a sticker in his ear. I never heard how (if) they got it out. Yikes.

Glad he's okay!

Dahlia said...

Eh. Don't think I could dig through that to find the missing lego. Of course since I'm dealing with Diarrhea I'm kinda grossed out as it is. LOL

Steph said...

Oh man! I am definitely not looking forward to the day when Kate eats something strange and we have to find it...

Linda said...

So glad things (thing) came out in (of) the end. Whew!