Sunday, July 7, 2013


don't worry, linky.
i'll protect you.

 uh, from what.
we're just playing with toys.

well, i'm glad you're not worried, linky.
Mommy just said something about... monsters.
that's all.
that's right. 
she did, didn't she.

but you're right, linky.
there's probably nothing to worry about.
nothing at all.
if you really think we're safe, joshy.
Mommy doesn't usually kid around about that kinda thing.

 wait, joshy... 
what's happening to you?

are you... ok?


 uh oh, lincoln.
joshy turned into a monster.
i really hope it's not contagious.

oh, no!
i feel something happening to me!


 okay, that's it.
i'm outta here!

wait, linky, we're only teasing.

joke's on you!
yeah, yeah.

 Mommy was just talking about 
the monsters on our pj's.

I can't believe you fell for it.
monsters? us?
who would believe that?

 yeah. pretty far-fetched.



Camilla Cole said...

Ummmm, Bennett= YOU, ADELE!!! He looks exactly like you! And Links looks just like Josh (with your lips though). And Joshy? Bryce, easy (but with Josh Sr.'s eyes).

Those were really cute monsters. And all of their hair is so golden! Especially Benney's. He's getting downright blond! And they are all really really good lookin' kids. And Links needs to come live with us please. He and Eves would be bestest bests.

Natalie Blackham said...

I was saying that Bennett looked like Dad (if you see pictures of him when he's about 5). I think Lincoln does a good job of being suspicious :) I would be too of Joshy and Bennett in their monster pajamas.

K.E.N said...


Linda said...

Lincoln is SO smart! He knows what's what. They are pretty scary. But these guys are also the cutest monsters I've seen. Ever!

Dad and I enjoyed that movie too. Guess we'll never grow up since we are always going to see movies made (mostly) for kids. We have to support such rarities as G rated stuff.