Thursday, August 8, 2013

When all you've got left is a measly ol pretzel

when your jamba juice is all gone and all you've got left is a measly ol pretzel

when despite the fact that you are wearing lucky socks and you fully intend to plead, beg, grovel, sob, wheedle, stall, and even try to rationally explain that you can just come back next week instead and get the last shot you need for kindergarten, you know a giant needle is coming your way, and there's nothing you can do about it

when your fat rolls have tan lines

  when you forget for just a moment that the baby is steadily usurping all of your toys, clothes, and sippy cups and soon you will have nothing left, nothing at all, and out of pure goodness you let him ride your trike with you

 when your brother remembers all his reasons to find an unsupervised moment and exact his sweet revenge

 when mom tries not to get sunblock in your eyes

when you taste true happiness for the first time, followed by absolute despair
when the ride is over and you realize just how fleeting true happiness can be

  when you gaze into your husband's closet before he donates a couple
of his worn out pairs of shoes and you think about how much 
you will miss them and the bright-colored happiness they brought you

when you take a picture to remember what clean looked like before the kids woke up

what stares at you and haunts you at night because your husband's baking skills are that good

what stares at you and haunts you during the day because your baby's stalking skills are that good

what arrives on your doorstep the day your husband leaves on a backpacking trip, followed by gifts for every day he is gone because he knows just how hard it is not to be able to webcam him, call him, chat him, email him or even stalk him on Find My iPhone while he is hiking 40 miles in the wilderness 

the kind of book you expect to find in the San Jose Public Library

 the kind of book you have nightmares about which then come true when your five-year old deposits them neatly into your library book bag


Camilla Cole said...

Oh wow. OH WOW! Everything in this post is awesome. Especially that last book! Please, I must know all about it. How does the story... begin?

Josh Sr. sure is a nice guy. And he sure has a lot of shoes.

And the boys are just so adorable. And Bennett is a full-out blonde now? When the heck did that happen?

Somedays I know just how poor Linkylinks feels with the whole pretzel thing. Life can really throw you some curveballs, Links, but just hang in there! It'll get better, I promise! Hey, at least you've got your looks, am I right?

Kira said...

Ok, I laughed out loud through the whole thing! Fantastic!

K.E.N said...

I am still laughing out loud...and I have to say, Josh is a wonderful man

Dahlia said...

You are such a fun and good mommy! What a great family too!

Linda said...

When you discover that Adele's post is over and you may have to wait a few days for another one...

Linda said...

Picture Dad and I reading this during our FHE and laughing. Pure enjoyment!!

Alaina said...

I couldn't love this post more.

michele said...

Adele, this was the perfect combination of funny and inspiring. I loved it!