Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Super Three

This is the story of three heroes who emerged to restore order to the universe and rekindle the hope of every man, woman, and child. 

This is the story of the most magnificent supertrio this world has ever known. 

This is the story of


With his unmatched ability to harness the energy of the wind and conjure high-speed, violently rotating columns of air,


With his blazing powers to fashion deadly fireballs and ignite infernos with incredible speed,


With his miraculous ability to--
Uh, to...

Well, this is embarrassing.
What exactly is Super L's power again?

hmmm...not sure.
 yeah, we'll have to get back to you on that.
he hasn't exactly been open about his super powers, 
so it might take a little work to figure out what they are.

okay, Super B, I've got a fool-proof plan.


Super J filled Super B in on the intricate details of his plan as they went in search of the third member of their superteam. They were on a mission. They couldn't fail; as with every mission they undertook, the fate of the world (and in this case the reputation of the narrator) depended greatly on the outcome. 

Soon, they were greeted by none other than the hero they sought.

hey guys!

what's going on?

thank goodness you're here, Super L.
not a moment too soon.

we've just heard reports that The Shadow is in town again.
we've got to track him down and save the day, before it's too late.

if only my super power were flying,
we might be able to find him!
yeah, if only one of us could fly,
that might save the day!

who needs to fly 
when Mommy will just carry you whenever you want her to?

hmm. good point.
trust me, it's pretty convenient.
yeah, okay,

but no one's going to carry us over this fence,
and I'm pretty sure The Shadow is on the other side!

yeah, it's times like these when 
I wish I had super climbing powers.
 wouldn't those come in handy right now?

guys, this isn't a fence.
it's just a backstop. 
we can walk around it.

yeah, yeah.

hey, look at this chain!

if only I had the super strength to break it, 
I think we might find The Shadow!

it looks like it's connected to a padlock.
all we really need is the combination.


if only we knew someone who was 
super lucky with numbers and probability and all that, 
maybe we could figure out the combination!

 you know, Super L,
your logo does bear a remarkable resemblance to...

 hey, now that you mention it,
we do know someone who can alter probability!

 that's Scarlet Witch's specialty!

I'll go get her.

wait! er, come back Super L!

 it's, uh, really dark over here, 
and I'm afraid The Shadow might take advantage of that.
if only we knew someone with a super power that--

you're right, it is dark.
why don't you use your fire power, Super B, and give us some light?

well, i'm out of ideas.
yeah, me too.

Our heroes, disheartened by their lack of success at finding and vanquishing The Shadow (wink, wink) decided to head back to the superhideout and regroup.

uh, why would we want to head back to--
just do what the narrator says, Super B.
he always knows best.

Upon arrival, Super L voiced some concerns he had been harboring for quite some time now.

I'm beginning to think 
that maybe The Shadow isn't real.

 in fact, I'm pretty sure 
you guys just made him up.

okay, you're right, Super L.
The Shadow isn't real.
sorry about that.
pretty funny, right?
we hope you're not offended by our little joke.

It was true; our heroes had been chasing after a supervillain who didn't, in actuality, exist at all. They had spent the afternoon pursuing a false lead, literally chasing "shadows," wasting their precious supertime for no reason whatsoever. And now they were at their superhideout, far, far away from home...

well, I mean, we had a reason, remember?
we were trying to figure out
what Super L's super power--

But what they didn't anticipate was the fact that Mommy and the narrator were in cahoots. During this entire mission, Mommy had been at home with access to all of the supertrio's hard-earned Halloween candy. Every. Last. Piece.

And there was the very real possibility that Mommy was about to eat Super L's very last tootsie roll.


Ouch! Just kidding! Mommy's right over there! And I'm sure she would never, ever do something like that.

But now we know what Super L's power is!


well played, narrator.

well played.

Tune in next time for The Adventures of Super L, Super B, and Super J, as they fight their archnemesis, the despicable and devious Dr. Bedtime.

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