Friday, March 7, 2014

Odilé Betzaida

Yesterday I lost my friend.

My love for her overflowed and reached across countries and continents. It reached across race and language and surpassed cultural differences and misunderstandings. It included all the pride, grief, heartache, and struggles of a lifetime wrought with sadness, pain, poverty, and ill health. It included faith and hope and sunshine, too. It included inside jokes and salsa dancing and secret codes and laughter. It included her forgiveness of my weaknesses and my ache to give her more than I ever could.

If you knew her, you know that she was the kindest, most faithful, beautiful example of a human being that ever walked on the face of the earth. And you saw her struggling with cancer and you knew that if anyone had the faith to be healed, it was her. But you also knew that her faith extended to God's will being done and that when her time came, she would be ready.

I walked outside last night and looked up at the beautiful moon in the sky and thought about what the world must look like from above. From the eyes of Someone who put us here to help us reach our ultimate, divine potential. Somebody who watches it all, and aches for our pains and rejoices in our victories, and maybe hopes that we'll all stop taking ourselves so seriously but also that we'll all start taking ourselves much more seriously at the same time.

Life is real, and death is real too, and I think that's hard to fully grasp until someone you love leaves this world. Then everything comes into sharp focus and you realize that you are here for only a short time and that all that matters is making sure you are ready to meet God when the time comes.

Te amo, Odilé. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for everything you taught me.