Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the latest San Jose driver

it's no secret that driving in San Jose, well,

it's not for the faint of heart.

i mean, you've got road rage


people honking their horns for NO REASON 

and if you need to back out of a parking spot for some strange reason...

just forget it, man. ain't no one gonna let you do that. 

 yeah, some might call it "dangerous" around here, but i say

no big deal.

bring it on.

or at least...

that's what i'll say when i'm old enough to drive.

and i did turn TWO YEARS OLD TODAY

so that's a pretty good start.

oops lincoln!
you weren't supposed to tell Mom! 
now she's going to go cry.
oh, sorry.


Lora said...

So cute! I love the pics and the captions :) Happy Birthday!

Ben and Summer said...

Ha ha ha! So cute and funny. You guys are great. Cutie pies!

Pat Mack said...

Loved this sequence! Such cute pictures of your TWO-YEAR-OLD!! Happy Birthday, Lincoln!!

Steph said...

That is super adorable! Happy Birthday, Lincoln :D

Linda said...

I think there is no better driver on the road. I'd trust Lincoln with my life! Pretty sure I couldn't fit in his car though. I love, love, love him. So sweet!

Mandie Flood said...


love Mandie

Ryan said...

The Bring it on pic is the best.