Friday, June 13, 2014

Kind of a big deal.

oh, hey guys, so good of you to come!

I'd like to officially welcome you to


wait, did you just say...?

uh, aren't you in kindergarten, joshy?

I was, dear brothers. 
I was.

no, but I mean, 
don't you think having a graduation just so you can get 
from kindergarten to first grade is kinda--

kinda a big deal?

you're right. 
it is.

I mean, technically, it's called a "promotion," 

but with the official diploma they give you, 
you'd never know the difference.

plus, your entire family comes out for the occasion.

the best part about the whole thing
is showing your teacher how much you love her.

(especially when you've got the best teacher in the world.)

okay, that part does sound pretty cool!

anyway guys, 
in my whole life,
I think there's only been one day more important than today:

preschool graduation.