Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Cobb

So I just realized that yesterday marks another year of having salad for lunch (almost) every day.

That's two years of salads!

And you're not going to believe this, but yesterday evening as I chowed down on a cobb salad at Fenton's, I honest-to-goodness really actually incredibly had the following thought (brace yourself):

"I love salad."

It might have been the first time I've ever had that thought. How fitting for it to be yesterday. It only took me two years. Don't give up-- it could happen to you!


Natalie Blackham said...

Go D-elbs! Salad makes you feel and look good, and it's tasty!

michele said...

Wow, that is amazing Adele! I still hate salad so maybe I just need to follow your example.

Sarah Dunster said...

Ditto the above :)

Alaina said...

My first lengthy comment got lost - so -

1) I admire you; I really don't love salad.

2) Fentons is my family's favorite. Awesome. Try their caramel on peppermint ice cream mmmmm.

merrilykaroly said...

Caramel on peppermint? I would never have put those two together. Now I'm curious. Their ice cream was definitely delicious.

Cait said...

I like salad, too. Just add lettuce leaves to something that tastes good, and then pick them out when no one is looking!

Seriously though. I do like salad, but, like you, it took me a while :)

Linda said...

I love salad too.
Now we can never tell mean stories about Adele not liking vegetables.