Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Terrible Two's Blues


Easy to convince
Cheerful, not tearful
My constant companion through the day, even when his brothers are away

Maybe this one would be different?
This one would stay sweet?
This one would always hold my hand when he crossed the street?


Little Lincoln
Started thinkin
For himself

Now it's all about persuasion
Pajama evasion
Factor five extra minutes into the equation
On every occasion

Done with naps forevermore
A diaper change? The Third World War.
I want to watch a show!
I choose
These shoes
I don't want that I want juice!

Just give him what he wants, sir!
Someone took my child away and gave me back a monster!

It tears me up inside
Squeezes me in tiny knots
I knew this time was coming
But I pushed it from my thoughts

I want to hug him close
Stroke his hair and soothe his fears
Sing to him for all the hours
Hold his hand for all the years

So I will.

Five minutes late
I will carry his weight
Over my shoulder or under my arm
Always safe from harm.

I've decided that the tantrum
Can't come
Between me and my darling little handsome



K.E.N said...


Ashley A. said...

You might have missed a career as a rapper. :) I love it. Sorry about the stage--that is rough for sure.

Becky N. said...

This is so awesome! I'm no good at rap, but I could totally hear it in my mind while I was reading along. :) :)

I'm sorry Lincoln is in this stage for you. Even more sorry that he gave up naps! Ouch! :( Hopefully he's giving you plenty of adorable things to enjoy in between all the frustration!

Camilla Cole said...

Grrr about naps. Why do they ever have to end?????

But good thing he's still the cutest little boy ever. I mean, at least he's still got that going for him.

Nice rap, Adele. You should record an audio version of it and lay a beat behind it. Could be pretty cool.

Linda said...

Yup. From Terrific to Terrible back to Terrific. Terrific wins! Yay!

Linda said...

Speaking of naps...Many teenagers sleep long hours in the afternoon. That's something to look forward to, right?

Natalie Blackham said...

Aw- don't grow up Lincoln!

The Piersons said...

This is so cute, I love it! Those are very handsome boys, it would be hard to stay made at them for very long.

I so feel you, the 3s have hit hard around here.

Dahlia said...

Love it! But I feel for you! I am dreading the day Alec starts that too!

Marcie Hill said...

What a masterpiece!! It's wonderful to be able to capture those sentiments in words that seem so beyond words when we are living it. Makes me want to treasure the 'almost two' phase we are in right now all the more :)