Friday, September 12, 2014

a magical mystery: the case of the ninja bike

guess what, Linky...

I'm riding on two wheels now.
it's a magical experience!

and that's probably because my new bike is so magical.

a ninja turtle bike?
not likely.
oh, yeah?

watch me ride, Linky.
you'll feel the magic, all right.

it's like...

                       a castle afar                                                                                          
a wish on a star                                    
                                                    happy endings for you                                                          
                                                          all your dreams coming true.                  

you're right, Benny.
that is the most magical bike riding i've ever seen. 
in my life.

but it doesn't make sense.

I mean,
the ninja turtles are tough and all, 
but they're not big on fairy dust.
in fact, they're not really *magical* at all.

I just can't figure it out...

where'd Mommy get your new bike from again, Benny?


well, I really couldn't say...

does it matter?

 catchya later!

* * * *

(let's just keep those details between me and you, okay Mom?)