Tuesday, November 4, 2014

where's my paycheck?


still empty.

maybe we just weren't good enough.

or maybe no one went to see the movie.

did YOU see it?

you know, that movie with all the Legos in it?

"Everything is awesome!"

"Everything is cool when you're..."

 yeah... that's what i thought.

heyyyy there, emmet.

what's that?
you say our paychecks haven't arrived yet?

have no fear, benny's here!

and with a little positive attitude,
everything will work out great!

in fact,
i'll go check the mail again, right now!


still nothing.

maybe people would have come to see our movie
if I'd built just one more spaceship...

rock-paper-scissors for
who has to break it to Batman.

Oh I'm here.

Now where's my money.

First darkness and no parents, now this.
The "super rich" part was supposed to kinda make it better.

it's nice to see you too, Batman.

you know...
maybe you could have smiled just a little in the movie.

You mean upside down frowning?

You might be right, there, Emmet.
I should try my natural charm.

Maybe then people will watch the movie. 
And the studio will finally get around to paying us for all our work.

Who can resist this?

Anything in the mailbox now?


not a cent!                                   

why has everyone seen that movie with all the 
princesses and ice and sissy stuff in it
but not ours yet?

that's what i was wonderin, 

i mean,
don't even get me started 
on how tough the characters are in the Lego Movie.

there's some real muscle involved.

they even had to delete some of the scenes with Metalbeard's crew
because the pirates were just too tough 
and they didn't want the movie to be too awesome.

yeah, a cool movie all around.
even grownups love the Lego Movie.

Let it go.

The grownups you're thinking of kind of have to love it. 

Considering who they are.

It kind of runs in the family.

i guess we'll just have to find 
a new way to pay the bills.

hey, Wyldstyle,
maybe you should practice freezing people.

how hard could it be?

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Linda said...

I'll pay you. How much? I definitely need to finish watching that movie. Bring it with you when you come to my house.

Lego people are so cool! Especially when they are related to me. Some of the coolness might wear off onto me. I hope. I enjoyed this story so much.

Natalie Blackham said...

Everything was awesome (theme song), everything was awesome when I your a Kar-o-ly...
Let's just say this- this blog post was AWESOME and had some very tough super heroes in it.

Lori said...

SUCH cute outfits! And how fitting for Bennett :)

It made me happy that you kept Addie in your halloween post again this year! She was a welcomed surprise. You're the best adele.

Meredith Williams said...

I love your costumes! You guys are just awesome!!!

Ryan said...

These posts are epic every year and you have some pretty great pics of each of your boys. BTW - Joshy is not just a little boy anymore; he is growing up very fast. Anyway - well done. And did you paint your hair, or how did you do that?

Dahlia said...

Everything about you guys is AWESOME!

merrilykaroly said...

Ryan, I painted my hair... with Paint. On the computer... haha.

Kristen said...

Thanks for resharing this on Facebook. It was AWESOME reading it again ��