Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We are adopting...


meet Seaweed


and Nutmeg!

We have a friend who can't keep her goats anymore so we've decided to bring them home! These pictures were taken yesterday when we visited them at their temporary residence (they have been there for a week). 

You might know that I'm not a big animal person. Yeah, I'm really not. I kinda have enough little persons' bodily functions to take care of, thankyouverymuch. But the boys have been begging me for a dog (or any kind of animal) ever since we moved into this house because the landlord allows pets! Gah! I'm out of excuses.

And when I told Josh about the goats, he got all excited and he and the kids all ganged up on me. And then Josh got permission from the landlord, for goats specifically. And then he got a permit from the city health officer!

And, well, my kids have grown so attached from all our visits to my friend's house, and, heck, what's three more little goats to take care of? Amiright?! 

Wish us luck! We bring them home today!