Friday, April 1, 2016

a little announcement.

there's something missing.
I think I know what you mean, joshy.
yeah... I feel it too...

do you think maybe...

we just need more circuits in our lives?

if you want to make an LED circuit, 
you need a 9V battery, a resistor, an LED, three wires--

uh, joshy, circuits are cool, but...
they're not what's missing.

I know what it is!

we need more bugs and worms!
just look at these little guys. 

and no matter how many scorpion lollipops we get,
there's always room for more.

plus, you can never have too many snails.


that's not what's missing, either, bennett.
I know!

it's gotta be Legos.

we don't have enough.
think what we could do with just a few more...

that's true.
we do need more Legos.
it's a valid point, but...
there's this Ninjago set--

wait a second, guys.
I've got it.
I know what we're missing.

it's a baby brother.

a baby brother?

you're so right, bennett.
that's totally it.

a baby what?

and here I thought I would always be the baby...

but being a big brother does sound pretty great.
let's get this party started.

this is going to rock!
oh yeah!
we'll have so much fun with four boys!
uh, guys, 
someone has to tell Mom and Dad.

they'd better say yes!
what if they don't?
I'd say it's preeetty obvious that

we need to balance both sides of the teeter-totter,

we gotta have even teams for lightsaber bubble battles,

and more is always better when it comes to dog piles!

what do you say, Mom and Dad?
are you up for the challenge?
will you take the leap

and have FOUR boys?!

What do you think, Dad?

Why not?
Sounds like a blast.

 Okay, boys.
You've got a baby brother coming at the end of August.
You're welcome.

does this mean we can bring home more bugs, too?

I'm... thinking that's a no.
don't cry, Mom.