Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa Baby

Santa baby, 

Slip a smile under the tree

For me

Been an awful good mom (I mean, within reason),

Santa baby,

So please, won't you sleep through the night?

Santa baby, some boxes came from Amazon
Get Mom
To spill the beans about what's in them, Santa baby

Hurry up! We're burning daylight
(and you know she can't resist you)

Santa baby, can you get a simple message across:
I'm the boss.

Tell our brothers I'm the oldest and in charge, Santa baby,
Get them to obey me, all right?

Santa baby, it's time while the others are at school
To rule
The house and play with all their stuff, Santa baby,
Little brothers unite!

Santa honey, one more thing that would be really great?
A date
To the movies with your daddy out late, Santa baby,
Take a bottle from the sitter tonight
(no? it was worth a try...)

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